Fix & Openload Pair Stream Authorization Fix 3 Steps

Most of us are using video content add-ons for streaming purpose on kodi. The add-ons help us to stream all the movies and Tv shows from the video servers databases. However, most cases that will show error message on the popup. Since past few months, Kodi users are facing an error that is & streaming authorization. I fixed this error with simple process and also covered alternate get ride on this pop up.

What is https://olpair .com error?

People might think of it as an error, but the developers of openload added this popup to provide better and quality streaming to kodi users. There is another reason also for this pairing  is that prevents fake traffic and to secure their servers.

How To Pair & Streaming Authorization Error

Below I am giving top 3 working methods to fix olpair kodi error. 1st method is about paring with server So, you can enjoy openload content after paring, 2nd method is about blocking openload server to prevent pop up and 3rd method about blocking captcha verification using URL resolver plugin. But I recommend you to use 1st method because we can enjoy openload server content. If we follow 2nd and 3rd methods then we can stream openload server movies on kodi 17& 18 versions.

Note: Your home network or mobile data or wife must be same while pairing your kodi software to That the same internet connection helps to validate your IP  and connect to kodi. (For Example: If you are running kodi on mobile phone or laptop or firestick, then your pairing  internet connection should be connect with same mobile phone or laptop.)

Fix Kodi Streaming Authorization & Error

Every kodi user always experience Olpair authorization error until the pairing of the device with server of openload.

Step 1: Open an advanced browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox which accept all types of scripts.

Step 2: Enter the exact URL on the address bar of your browser and press ENTER button on your keyboard. That will load the Olpair official website.

olpair Kodi

Step 3: You can identify pair option above the ads on the home screen, but you need to complete captcha verification for robot verification that shows above the PAIR option.

Step 4: After completion of the robot- verification click on that PAIR button.

Step 5: Now that will register your IP address and give a message that your device has been currently paired with 3rd party applications.

Now you can enjoy online streaming without olpair error for 4 hours. Open your Add-on and select openload pair streaming provider to stream your movie.

Note: The site has IP change automatic program that can change your IP address as per their requirement. I already observed that change while pairing my device with

How To Pair Firestick Or TV box With Olpair & Openload pair ?

I think you have already faced a bitter experience while trying to pair firestick connected TV or TV box. There is no chance to directly pair your firestick to, but you can indirectly pair your firestick connected TV or TV box, I already tested this method, let’s see how to pair your device with openload pair while connecting firestick.

  1. Insert your firestick to TV or TV box through the HDMI port.
  2. Turn on wifi and connect your laptop or mobile phone with your internet connection.
  3. Now open and pair your mobile phone or laptop.
  4. That you are inserted firestick wifi connection and paired device wifi connection should be same.

After made of these changes, you can enjoy online streaming for next 4 hours on kodi. If you get any authorization popup after 4 hours, repeat the same procedure and enjoy streaming.

Is Pairing our IP with Safe?

I am not sure that is safe due to it is an online streaming website; it is connecting various video providing hosts. I discussed below how to keep your IP safe while paring your device. if you have more doubts regarding olpair then you can check out FAQ olpair article.

Use VPN while pairing it with your device To keep Your IP in Safe

Being it is online streaming or TV show it is not safe for your IP with olpair or any other website. Due to that reason you will need to enable VPN while paring your device with it. VPN (virtual private network) is helping you to keep your actual IP anonymous, and that provide different IP that depending on their various servers and different countries.

Note: Streaming copyrighted content illegal any Kodi add-ons. Your ISP may track your activity and send copyrighted notice to you so; strongly I recommend enable VPN while pairing your device with different pairing sites.

Is Olpair Not Working On You Device ? might change their website address due to it is online streaming provider and they can try to secure their content. During that situation they will use 301 redirection or completely change the URL of Olpair website. People may think that the is not working, but they never prevent their services just they can change URL or redirect some various providers.

We will help you to provide proper information while is not working on your Kodi. We frequently update pair Updated website address information in this post, so you can easily find solution here.

Method 2: Disable Olpair Using Hosters With Captchas Option

To prevent this authorization error while streaming, you can disable the captcha verification content by making some simple setting on your add-ons. I frequently use Exodus for online streaming. Let ’s see how to disable captcha verification content providers.

  1. Go to your system setting and find exodus add-ons.
  2. Now open exodus that will show you tools option.
  3. Select tools option that will open the setting menu.
  4. After this, choose providers settings.
  5. That will show you hosters with captcha option. Now disable it

By making these changes of your add-ons, you may be lost lots of quality videos from the captcha verified sites thought the world.

Method 3: Fix Olpair or openload pair Kodi error by URL resolver

If you have installed many add-ons on your device that will take a long time to block captcha verification sites. However, you can stick them in the same time that you want to block captcha verification hoster by using URL resolver.  Moreover, every add-on is using this feature to simplify and fetch video content.

  1. Go to add on and find URL resolver that on the header of add-on
  2. Find the option disable providers and activate that.
  3. Now restart your device that automatically resolves your problem.

Always opt for private browser while opening https That will show you some unnatural ads.

To Know more information about authorization error continue reading I discussed some additional causes.

Why Openload co pair error happening ?

Neptune rising and Placenta called as video add-ons using python and other scripts to find a direct link from video database ( is video database). Their servers can’t manage millions of the traffic at the same time due to that reason they ask you to pair the device which you want to play with their all the streaming content.

The video content provider is providing video content for. kodi users have a time limitation for 4 hours only, in 4 hours you can enjoy unlimited video streaming on their favorite add-ons. Review

It is the largest online video content provider in the world; it has millions of the active user per day. I have some experience with this software. It can provide free streaming for 4 hours only after its time limitation that your Olpair connection will be automatically stopped and ask you pair your device with  Then you have to use same process to pair with olpair for an additional 4 hours.

The standard benefits with are free for 4 hours streaming and its device pairing also much more comfortable than other pairing sites. However, we can’t re initiate our connection after 4 hours.

Which VPN Is best To Use On Kodi ?

I already told you why they are providing only 4 hours for free. However, you can stay a long time by managing your IP with VPNs which automatically change your IP and helps to stay longer than their time limitation.

IP vanish is the best virtual private networks in the world they maintaining multiple servers around the globe, and they have a facility to change your actual IP and provide different IPs. Virtual network usage much helps us while pairing our device like sites. Moreover, you stream some copyrighted content on your Kodi software your ISP may send you notice, but if you enable this VPN service helps keep your IP anonymous.

Note: They will hide your original IP for security reason while you are pairing your device with the


Alternatively, if you want to use olpair or openload pair without any error make sure changes on your pc or device that I already told you. Most of the time enables your virtual private networks before pairing your devices with that will keep your IP anonymous and helps to get extended time streaming. You can see blocked content securely content with the help of VPN.